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Salter AIRE Plus®

Portable Treatment Compressor (115V)

The Salter AIRE Plus®  is a durable, reliable and easy to use compressor. Aerosol delivery using the Salter AIRE Plus® compressor combined with a Salter NebuTech® HDN® or Salter 8900 Series Small Volume Jet Nebulizer provides quick, efficient and convenient delivery of aerosolized medication, minimizing medication waste and increasing patient compliance. 

  • Efficient aerosol delivery


  • Shorter treatment time. Less medication waste
  • Solid state components, 5 year warranty
  • Durable and reliable
  • Lightweight, compact
  • Easy to carry, 4.3 lbs.
  • Piston style compressor
  • Assures strong steady pressures and flows
  • Quiet, low noise level
  • Provides unobtrusive treatment
  • Matched compressor and nebulizer
  • 80% of particles in respirable range
  • Nebulizer docking port
  • Added safety and convenience

Salter AIRE Plus® Compressor (115V)

A lightweight, portable, quiet compressor for powering aerosol generating medication nebulizers. It is engineered for long term durability and cost effectiveness. The flow outlet fitting, fresh air inlet filter, and rocker style on/off switch are recessed to protect from accidental breakage. There is a convenient built in hand-grip for easy transport. A unique, tip proof nebulizer docking port is built into the case. An optional handy travel bag with extra storage for nebulizer kits is available.

Salter AIRE Plus®, Model 8350 Compressor
Size:  6.7" L x 5.7" W x 4.4" H
(17 cm X 14.5 cm x 11.2 cm)
Weight: 4.3lbs. (1.9kg)
Electrical requirements:  115 V, 60 HZ, 1.9 A
Compressor: Oil free cast aluminum alloy
integrated uni-piston
Free Flow 10 LPM, minimum
Liter Flow 6 LPM, minimum through a
Salter Labs® Nubulizer
Pressure  25 PSI, minimum (312.5 KPa)
Replaceable, external filter: White, open cell foam
UL Classified to UL 2601-1/CAN/CSA C22.2 no.601.1
(See complete marking on product)


Ordering Information for Salter AIRE Plus®

Description Per Case Part No.

115V Compressor with nebulizer #8900 (disposable), tee adapter, 7' (2.13m) supply tube, mouthpiece and reservoir tube

1 8350-8900-7-1

115V Compressor with nebulizer #8900 (disposable), tee adapter, 7' (2.13m) supply tube, mouthpiece, reservoir tube and compressor carrying bag 

1 8350B-8900-7-1

115V Compressor with nebulizer #8906 (disposable), Pediatric elastic headstrap style aerosol mask and 7' (2.13m) tubing

1 8350-8906-7-1

115V Compressor with NebuTech® HDN®  nebulizer #8660 (reusable), mouthpiece and 7' (2.13m) supply tube 

1 8350-8660-7-1

115V Compressor with NebuTech® HDN® nebulizer #8660 (reusable), mouthpiece 7' (2.13m) supply tube and compressor carrying bag 

1 8350B-8660-7-1

115V Compressor with instructional DVD, one NebuTech® HDN® nebulizer #8660 (reusable), and one #8900 (disposable) nebulizer as back-up.

1 SO1426GN

115V Compressor with, 2 NebuTech® HDN® nebulizer #8660 (reusable)

1 SO1791

Replacement air filters (5 each per package)

5 8501-0-5

Air outlet fitting

1 8503-0-1

U.S. Patents No RE33,717   5,584,285  6,176,234 other Worldwide Patents Pending

Salter AIRE Plus®

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Salter AIRE Plus®

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