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Salter NebuTech® HDN® Disposable Nebulizer

Small Volume Jet Nebulizer -        Single Patient Use-Disposable

Both the single patient use or reusable model Nebulizers provide a 50cc bolus at the beginning of inspiration.  Continuous flow delivers additional medication through the inspiratory cycle.  The unique valve system allows re-charge of the medication bolus during exhalation phase with minimal medication waste.  It can be used with Salter’s valved Mouthpiece, Aerosol Mask or the super efficient I-Guard™ Mask System.

Innovative design helps to increase the concentration of medication delivered per patient breath with less waste than conventional nebulizers.


  • Integral anti-drool feature incorporated
  • Prevents medication contamination from patient saliva
  • Patented “cone” design with larger surface area coupled with a more efficient flow-through chamber
  • Provides maximum capillary action. Better evacuation of medication through the nebulizer
  • Nebulizes 3 cc in less than 10 minutes  in horizontal or vertical position
  • Reduced treatment time with higher output. Allows patient to be in a comfortable position for treatment
  • Particle size distribution within the desired respirable range. 80% below 5 microns
  • Improved deposition within peripheral airways. Clinically effective therapy
  • Incorporates one-way valves at the inlet and outlet paths
  • Provides minimal loss of costly medication during the non-inhalation phase 
  • Removable green colored cone
  • Allows easy cleaning and reassembly

NebuTech® HDN®
Small Volume Jet Nebulizer*
Disposable - single patient use

New, Innovative Design Provides

Greater aerosol density
Minimal waste of costly medication
Less components to assemble
Available with mask or mouthpiece 


Find the Right Parts

Patient Interface :

Ordering Information for Salter NebuTech® HDN® Disposable Nebulizer

Description Per Case Part No.

Disposable nebulizer, mouthpiece and 7' (2.13m) supply tube

50 8960-7-50**

Disposable nebulizer, mouthpiece and 7' (2.13m) supply tube with female thread grip connector  

50 8960TG-7-50**

Disposable nebulizer &  mouthpiece

50 8961-0-50**

Disposable nebulizer, Adult over-the-ear style aerosol mask and 7' (2.13m) supply tube 

50 8964-7-50

Disposable nebulizer, Adult elastic headstrap style aerosol mask, and  7' (2.13m) supply tube  

50 8984-7-50

Disposable nebulizer, mouthpiece, 7' (2.13m) supply tube and exhalation filter

50 8982-7-50**

Same as above 

10 8982-7-10**

NebuTech® HDN® nebulizer, Adult aerosol mask (VADS)1, with elastic headstrap and 7’ (2.13m) supply tube

50 8987-7-50*#

NebuTech® HDN® nebulizer,  Pediatric aerosol mask (VADS) 1,  with elastic headstrap and 7' (2.13m) supply tube 

50 8967-7-50*#

U.S. Patent No. RE33,717 5,584,285  6,176,234 other U.S. and Worldwide Patents Pending.

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